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What is BLEND? 

BLEND is our lesbian, gay, bisexual and trans (LGBTQ+) network. It was formed nine years ago but has been particularly active over the past few years with the support of the U Board. We have a specific focus on supporting colleagues on matters of sexual orientation and gender identity and working with HR and the Leadership team informing policy around LGBT+ inclusion. 
The network name ‘BLEND’ recognises that BDO and indeed the world are not homogenous environments but that society is made up of a blend of countless intersecting identities. ‘BLEND’ signifies that we strive to employ, support and nurture a diverse workforce. We aim to provide networking opportunities for LGBTQ+ colleagues and allies and promote a supportive and inclusive environment.

Why has BLEND been set up?

BLEND was founded with the aim of creating a safe, open-minded and encouraging work environment when it comes to matters of gender and sexual identity, so that everyone can thrive.

In order to achieve this aim, our objectives are to:

  • Support employees on matters of non-traditional gender and sexual identity
  • Provide an official communication channel for raising and dealing with issues concerning gender and sexual identity
  • Tackle and prevent instances of prejudice
  • Improve internal practice if needed
  • Enhance understanding of and connection to the LGBT client landscape and to capitalise on subsequent opportunities
  • Support recruitment
  • Provide social opportunities
  • Be an access point for all regions

What does BLEND do?

  • Social and networking events, both internal and open to clients and the general public
  • Community activities
  • Publicise the network both internally and externally
  • Training
  • Confidentiality — for those who prefer it — and inclusivity are important to BLEND. BLEND’s open-door policy, meaning that anyone is welcome to attend events and that updates on activities are sent to the entire firm, is designed in an attempt to achieve both of these aims
  • No one would ever be required to divulge information about personal gender or sexual identity.

We're in it together. Everyone is welcome to attend events, regardless of gender or sexual identity.