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Kate began her career as a PA and evolved into a successful Business Development Manager in the Natural Resources and Energy Sector at BDO before moving internally to Audit, now working as a Relationship Development Manager. Learn how she embraced change, overcame challenges, and found her niche in an industry she initially knew little about. Discover the insights, advice, and valuable experiences she shares based on her remarkable career evolution. Beyond her professional endeavors, you'll also get a glimpse of her diverse interests and activities outside the workplace. 


How would you describe your career path in a nutshell?

I originally started working in London as PA at a Private Equity Firm, I was nervous but soon found that my organisation skills came in handy. I developed relationships both internally and externally and realised that I enjoyed working and engaging with people so decided I wanted to pursue a career where this was part of my job and liked the idea of Business Development. I moved and worked in the Construction Industry for a few years before realising I wanted a change, and that my skill set was transferable and decided to make the leap into Professional Services.

Can you describe your current position?

I now work as a Relationship Development Manager in Audit. Working with stakeholders to create a pipeline of strategic pursuits across BDO’s chosen markets focusing on the stages pre-rfp, from identification through to conversation.

My role comprises of developing win strategies and supporting the business in increasing its chances of converting its most aspirational opportunities.

What do you like the most about your current position?

I really enjoy working with the teams and coming up with a list of targets and converting them into real life opportunities. Going away and doing the research, is a bit like being a detective.

What advice would you give to a potential candidate based on your career experience?

Changing Industries was daunting, when I joined BDO I didn't know anything about Professional Services, but over nearly a year and a half I can say taking the leap is one of the best things I did. The people who work here are welcoming and helpful, there is so much available to you for professional and personal growth and whilst we're a big firm the community element is just as big. Being part of Global Network is wonderful as you get to engage with so many individuals around the world.

Tell us about your life outside of BDO?

Outside of work I enjoy trying new things, most recently this has been paddle boarding, but I think I may need to find something a bit warmer for the colder months. I love to cook, with my preferred menu being Italian, but love all food (just nothing too spicy) and I’m a big savoury snack fan! Where I can, I try to read, something I need to do more of and thoroughly enjoy a bit of true crime or crime fiction. Then there’s the usual answer of going to the gym and spending time with my other half, family and friends – which is true and ends up being a nice long walk and a pub roast on Sundays.