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Moving to a new country can be a daunting experience, but it can also be an exciting opportunity to grow both personally and professionally. Here, Quinta-Mari shares her experience of moving from Cape Town, South Africa, to London to work at BDO.


Finding My Way to BDO and London

Hello, fellow BDO enthusiasts! My name is Quinta-Mari, and I want to share my extraordinary journey from the sunny landscapes of Cape Town, South Africa, to the vibrant streets of London—all thanks to BDO.

Growing up in Cape Town, the decision to leave behind the sun-kissed beaches and majestic mountains was not an easy one. However, the glowing recommendation from a friend who had experienced the unique culture at BDO sparked my interest. Little did I know that this decision would lead to an incredible adventure and a fulfilling career.

Overcoming Challenges with BDO's Support

The idea of an international move can be intimidating, and my relocation to London was no exception. Fortunately, BDO's support system played a pivotal role in easing the transition. Having my husband join me as a dependent on my visa provided much-needed companionship, and the guidance from my designated buddy at BDO proved invaluable during those initial months. The firm's comprehensive guide for newcomers to the UK was a lifeline, offering essential insights into settling in and navigating the city with confidence.

Embracing BDO's People-Centered Culture

BDO's culture is a standout feature that differentiates it from my experiences at other firms, including one of the Big 4. The emphasis on people and collaboration creates an environment where psychological safety is paramount. Learning from mistakes is not only accepted but encouraged, fostering a space where individuals feel empowered to grow and take on challenges with unwavering support.

Pleasant Surprises at BDO

One of the most delightful surprises upon joining BDO was the warmth and friendliness of everyone I encountered. The firm's embrace of cutting-edge tools and technology in audit work was not only refreshing but also indicative of a forward-thinking approach to our roles. And let's not forget the quintessential London experience—post-work drinks at the pub every other Thursday!

London: An Enchanting Workplace

What makes London a fantastic place to work? Well, the city's high energy and endless array of activities certainly play a role. From bustling food markets and world-class museums to captivating music shows, London is a melting pot of culture and excitement, offering an unparalleled work-life balance.

My Favorite Perk: The Joy of Travel

For a South African in the UK, one benefit stands out among the rest—travel opportunities. Being just a short flight away from bucket list destinations like Paris, Copenhagen, Amsterdam, and Rome is a dream come true. BDO's recognition of the importance of work-life balance has allowed me to explore and experience the wonders of Europe without compromising on my professional commitments.

In conclusion, my journey from Cape Town to London with BDO has been nothing short of extraordinary. The supportive community, the dynamic culture, and the endless possibilities for exploration make every day at BDO a new adventure. If you're considering a move to BDO or contemplating an international shift, take it from me—embracing change with BDO is a decision you won't regret. Cheers to new beginnings, professional growth, and the exciting journey that lies ahead!