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We took a little trip to the charming town of Reading to meet Suné, an Assistant Audit Manager. Her transformative experience at BDO has ensured that audit became a source of joy for her again and where she found a vibrant community that values both individuality and teamwork.


What tips would you give someone at school about going for an apprenticeship?

I would say to think about what you want to get out of university. At university, you need to be passionate about what you're studying. An apprenticeship lets you ‘earn while you learn’ by having your job and also studying at the same time. It's more practical. Not everyone wants to go to university and live that student life.

Will the experience be more valuable to you than just going to school and then working? Do you want to come up a level and experience office life? Or do you want to study and then work afterwards? It really depends on what you want after you finish school or college. Apprenticeships can be a great option, but you should do your research first and see what's out there.

BDO offer apprenticeship opportunities straight from school as well as offering this as part of their graduate scheme if you’re joining with a degree. This means you have the flexibility to join BDO at a time that is right for you, with equal access to the apprenticeship qualifications on offer.

I think a lot of people view finance from a narrow perspective – there are many options available to cater to your strengths and interests! Accountants nowadays need a wide range of skill sets, with a lot of those items being ‘soft skills’. A questioning mind will take you far.

Rediscovering Passion in Audit at BDO Reading

My journey with BDO started during the last challenging year of my training contract in South Africa. Exhausted by the office culture, I decided to explore new opportunities. BDO stood out with its exposure to international entities, enticing benefits, and positive stories from a former colleague. Opting for the Reading office provided the personal experience I sought, and within 9 months, I was promoted. Reading, just a short train ride from London, offered a town feel with easy access to the city's excitement. BDO Reading is not just an office; it's where I rediscovered joy in my work.

Navigating the International Move with BDO's Support

Moving from South Africa to Reading was my first overseas trip, and it definitely came with its challenges. BDO's support, including a 'buddy' from the office and financial assistance through an interest-free loan, eased the transition. Personal connections and financial help minimized stress, and I learned how self-sufficient and resilient I can be by adapting to new experiences.

BDO: A Company that Values Individuals

BDO's commitment to well-being goes beyond buzzwords. The firm genuinely cares about individual success, recognizing that thriving individuals contribute to the overall success of the company. Regardless of office or department, you are not just welcomed at BDO; you are seen, heard, and valued.

Diverse Responsibilities and Holistic Learning

As an Assistant Audit Manager, my role at BDO encompasses diverse responsibilities. Engaging in various audits has exposed me to project management, technical complexities, and effective communication with audited entities. BDO's management includes you in every aspect of the engagement, fostering a holistic understanding of audit practices. Your contributions, regardless of job title, are taken seriously.

Reading: A Close-Knit Community and Cultural Hub
BDO Reading's close-knit community ensures that you're not lost in the masses but recognized as an individual. The town itself is a hidden gem, offering easy access to London's landmarks and experiences, a vibrant music scene, and a reasonable cost of living. Coming home to the calm town environment without sacrificing big city benefits is a unique privilege.

Employee Discounts: Exploring the UK Without Breaking the Bank
BDO's flexible benefits, including employee discounts, make exploring the UK more affordable. Life can be expensive, but with discounts on goods, services, and vouchers, I've enjoyed affordable restaurant bookings and theatre trips, adding a touch of luxury to my experiences.

In conclusion, my journey with BDO Reading has been a blend of professional growth, personal joy, and finding a place in a supportive work community. Here's to more learning, more fulfilling experiences, and the continuous adventure that BDO Reading provides!