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Meet James, a passionate Tax Adviser at BDO, who finds the essence of his job in the strong team culture and togetherness within his team. James shares insights from his career journey, starting with a decisive shift from studying History to a fulfilling accountancy career at BDO. His story unfolds from navigating a merger, integrating into a new team, to training new joiners, all while emphasising the importance of personal development and the supportive atmosphere at BDO.


Can you describe your current position?

My day-to-day role involves preparing tax computations and returns for companies, supporting Managers with any relevant transaction work and generally providing support to the team. Being four years in, I also play a role in helping to train new joiners and support their development, passing on the lessons I have learned since joining the firm back in 2019.

What do you like the most about your current position?

My current team and the culture we have is the best part of my job. There is a togetherness that is often difficult to find in a working environment, this to me is the most important thing about a job and is the reason why I am always willing to share my experiences of the firm and promote my team.

Which achievement are you most proud of?

When I started my career, I originally joined a firm called Moore Stephens in January 2019. However, shortly after joining the company underwent a merger with BDO. As such, in July 2019 I moved across to a new team where I knew very few people at first. Since then, I have integrated as much as possible and take every opportunity available to me. I have worked with almost everyone in the team (which as a team of approximately 150 people has taken a while!), organised the London Tax golf day, joined the charity team and even ran the fantasy football league for the company. Where there has been an opportunity to build my network and gain access to a new experience, I have always tried to take it. Since joining the firm aged 19, I feel like I have grown so much through BDO. As a Tax Adviser I have obviously progressed and learned a lot, however, my development as a person and the confidence and skills I have managed to grow since joining is what I am most proud of.


How would you describe your career path in a nutshell?

I originally started studying History at King's College London. However, after three weeks I left after realising it wasn't for me. I then decided to start a career in accountancy despite frankly, having little idea of what would be involved. It was a rushed decision but I'm lucky to be able to say it was one of the best choices I ever made. Four years later, I am (hopefully) nearing the end of my studies and have completed 14 of the 15 ACA exams. I've thoroughly enjoyed the 4.5 years at BDO, the work has been engaging but most of all I have a wonderful team that have supported me and make coming to work a joy.

What advice would you give to a potential candidate based on your career experience?

The biggest advice I have for prospective candidates is to immerse yourself into the working environment. Take every opportunity you get given whether that be going for a coffee or drink after work with a colleague or joining any meetings even if it is just to take notes. When you start your career, everyone is on the same level, your attitude and willingness to learn and become part of a team is what can help differentiate you from the crowd.

How would you describe life at BDO?

Life at BDO is social, friendly and full of new opportunities. Work is never without both ups and downs, however knowing that I have people here that genuinely care about me and my development, makes this an excellent place to work

Can you tell us more about your life outside of work?

Outside of work my main interests relate around sport. I play Saturday football, manage a Sunday league team and am usually trying to squeeze a round of golf in-between. Within work I'm lucky that I work with people who have similar hobbies, we play football every week on a Thursday and are currently iplanning a trip to St Andrews in the Summer!