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In the dynamic area of technology and risk assurance, Janita moves forward with a team reacting to innovation, resilience, and professional excellence. Hailing from the picturesque landscapes of New Zealand, her journey to becoming a Director at BDO's Technology and Risk Assurance team in the UK is nothing short of inspirational. Join us as we delve into her story, exploring the nuances of her background, her experiences at BDO, and her vision for the future.

Hey Janita, so can you give us a bit of information on your background?

Originating from New Zealand, I embarked on a journey into the realm of technology risk assurance after starting on a graduate scheme at another professional services company. After a decade of honing my skills and expertise, I sought new horizons, leading me to the shores of the UK and eventually to BDO, where I found a sense of community, growth, and opportunity.

Amazing! You must have noticed some cultural and professional differences between New Zealand and the UK?

The transition from New Zealand to the UK showed me loads of difference, notably in size and diversity. While New Zealand boasts a close-knit community and a serene ambiance, the UK presents a bustling landscape filled with boundless opportunities and cultural richness. Whether in the workplace or beyond, the UK's expansive offerings have enriched my personal and professional journey.

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How come you decided on working at BDO then?

BDO's sterling reputation and vibrant culture really stood out. Unlike my previous experiences, BDO offered a sense of camaraderie, support, and professional growth that resonated with my aspirations. The dynamic environment, coupled with the promise of further opportunities, fuelled my decision to embark on this transformative journey.

Sounds appealing, but tell us what your day-to-day looks like now you're here.

As a Director in the Technology and Risk Assurance team, my role revolves around solving real-life technology challenges in the context of financial audit. Whether it's navigating the complexities of system implementations or delving into cloud computing, every day presents a new adventure filled with opportunities to innovate and collaborate. From data analysis to process optimization, our team works tirelessly to ensure our audited entities receive the best value and insights.

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You recently got promoted to Director; how did you build up to that moment?

My journey to becoming a Director was marked by unwavering support, mentorship, and guidance. Through regular catch-ups and mock interviews, I received invaluable insights and feedback that propelled me forward. With the encouragement of my mentors and the dedication to continuous growth, I embraced the challenge and emerged stronger, earning a well-deserved promotion.

So what kind of things are you looking forward to in the future then?

The future holds boundless opportunities in the ever-evolving landscape of technology. With the demand for innovative solutions on the rise, our team stands poised to lead the way, harnessing the power of technology to drive meaningful change and impact. As we navigate the unknown, I'm excited to explore new horizons and pave the path for technological advancement.

You must have heard about some of the misconceptions around working in an accountancy firm?

One of the biggest misconceptions is the notion that working in an accountancy firm is mundane or purely numerical. In reality, our roles are dynamic, multifaceted, and deeply people-oriented. At BDO, we foster a culture of collaboration, creativity, and inclusivity, where every voice is valued, and every idea is welcomed. Far from hierarchical, our environment encourages open dialogue, camaraderie, and a spirit of fun.

So what's the biggest challenge for you and the team now?

The ever-changing nature of technology presents both opportunities and challenges. As we navigate the complexities of technological innovation and evolving audit landscapes, finding the balance between tradition and adaptation remains a constant endeavour. However, with resilience, agility, and a forward-thinking mindset, we tackle each challenge head-on, driving progress and innovation in the face of uncertainty.

In Janita's story, we find echoes of determination, resilience, and boundless potential. As she continues to chart new frontiers in the realm of technology and risk assurance, her story serves as a testament to the transformative power of perseverance, passion, and purpose.