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We had the opportunity to catch up with some of our London based trainees, Will, a Tax School Leaver Apprentice, and Jay, an Audit Graduate. Join us as we delve into their work-life balance, uncover the secrets of their BDO experience, and explore the reasons behind choosing a career in accountancy.


What’s the culture like at BDO for trainees?

Jay – It’s hard not to repeat the values when talking about the culture. People here are truly genuine, you can talk to anyone, have a laugh with anyone and work alongside anyone.

Will – One thing that really stands out to me is the level of respect that trainees get at BDO for people who are just starting their career. Your colleagues at all levels will deeply respect the work you produce and your contribution to the firm.

What is most important to you at work?

Jay – Being myself is the most important to me. That means I can be truly happy where I work. Happiness allows for greater progression and being yourself is strongly encouraged.

Will – People thrive in environments that they’re comfortable in. BDO ensures that with promoting the value of being yourself. For me, that’s really important, but also BDO strikes a great balance between comfort and the ability to push yourself so that your career progression is in your control and the best that it can be.


What is your work-life balance like?

Jay – 10/10. I expected a lot to change when I started full time work, especially in professional services. If anything, my work-life balance has improved! I clear time to develop myself, both personally and professionally. BDO pride themselves on a good balance.

Will – Work-life balannce is something BDO takes really seriously. Naturally, you take on more responsibility the longer you are here, but BDO are really supportive in preparing you for your work and will support you to flourish and maintain a healthy balance.

What are the people at BDO like?

Jay – People that are here are here for a reason, BDO saw something in them which I’ve seen too. That is the most diversified, bright, young and collaborative people I’ve had the privilege to meet and work alongside.

Will – BDO aren’t kidding when they say they promote an incredibly friendly culture. Everyone who I’ve met has not only been incredibly supportive, but I have formed a great relationship with. This is not only professionally, but also socially. I’m treated as a colleague, as well as a friend.

Why should someone consider a career in Tax?

Will – There are a lot of misconceptions around tax and professional services. The variety in your day to day work and the clients that you get to interact with really make your every day work very exciting. You can be really proud of what you do and know that your contribution has a huge impact on a lot of people.

Why should someone consider a career in Audit?

Jay – Like any career, there is no one shoe fits all, but a career in audit would really suit someone with a challenging and inquisitive mindset, always questioning the why, the how and the who. Pure variety.

Sum BDO in 3 words.

Jay – Opportunity, Progression and Personal Development

Will – Challenge, Encouragement, Collaboration