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It's time to talk to Justice, an Assistant Audit Manager based in the vibrant Reading office. His remarkable journey from Cape Town, South Africa, to becoming a proud member of the BDO family really does need to be heard.


From Cape Town to Reading: The Journey of a Lifelong Learner

Having completed my CA articles with SNG Grant Thornton SA in Cape Town, the dream of becoming a Chartered Accountant was realised. However, the next question echoed—what kind of CA did I want to be? The allure of teamwork, leading audit assignments, and the prospect of learning and growing in a global context led me to BDO.

Mentors who had transitioned to BDO UK became influencers in my decision to move abroad. The culture at BDO, which encourages authenticity, responsibility, and provides an enabling environment for professional growth, resonated with my aspirations. My dream evolved from becoming a Chartered Accountant to leveraging BDO's opportunities to grow personally and be a positive force for change.

The decision was equally motivated by the desire to tackle new challenges, gain exposure to international accounting and auditing standards, delve into UK & US GAAP, and audit entities listed on the prestigious London Stock Exchange. Adapting to the evolving world of information technology and artificial intelligence was a priority, making BDO the ideal platform for this journey.

The TEAM Culture at BDO

On a personal level, I've summarised the culture at BDO as TEAM:

T – Transparent Talk: The culture of enabling boldness allows me to be genuine, speak out when needed, and collaborate effectively with others.

E – Equipped & Embraced: BDO has not only equipped me with technical knowledge but also with soft skills and tools essential for auditing.

A – Appreciated & Affirmed: Recognition for achievements and support during challenges have been constant, fostering a positive work environment.

M – Mobilised & Motivated: Engaging platforms like catch meetings and lunch meetings have connected me with empathetic colleagues, keeping me motivated and supported.

Surprises in the First Week: A Caring BDO Family

The warmth and care extended by my People manager, HR team, and partners during my first week were genuine surprises. Being granted a day of leave for settling in, along with a two-week training program to familiarise myself with BDO's facets, showcased the organisation's commitment to its people.

Reading: The Perfect Hub for Personal and Professional Fulfillment

The Reading office holds a special place in my heart. Its central location makes it convenient to connect with friends in London, Southampton, and Oxford. The approachable people, efficient public transport system, and proximity to various living options create a comfortable and conducive working environment. Reading's lively atmosphere, with a bustling marketplace and a plethora of restaurants, makes it an ideal place to live and work.

Taking Advantage of BDO's Rich Opportunities

My journey at BDO in Reading has been enriched by seizing opportunities for personal and professional development. From making new friends and learning from colleagues to utilising the audit manual for a deep understanding of BDO's methodology, I've embraced a culture of continuous learning. Core trainings, both mandatory and non-mandatory, have been instrumental in adapting to the new environment. Additionally, I've taken advantage of employee discounts in restaurants and actively participated in office functions, contributing to a vibrant and collaborative community.

In conclusion, my time with BDO in Reading has been transformative, marked by growth, support, and a vibrant work culture. Here's to many more years of making a difference and thriving in the BDO family!