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We sat down with Juan, a proud member of the BDO family, whose journey from qualifying as a CA with SAICA to becoming an Audit Senior Manager at BDO's Scotland (Edinburgh) office has some incredible twists and turns to contend with.


Embarking on a Challenge in Manchester

In 2018, armed with my newly minted CA qualification from SAICA, I took a leap of faith and joined BDO. The prospect of challenging myself in a new and growing environment led me to the vibrant city of Manchester. Little did I know that this move would shape my career in ways I hadn't imagined.

Learning and Growing in Manchester

During my three years in Manchester, I not only honed my skills as an auditor but also gained invaluable insights into managing people and engaging in diverse projects across various industries. The significant growth in the Manchester office provided the perfect backdrop for my professional development. Working with truly amazing people, I learned the intricacies of navigating complex audits and broadened my understanding of the audit landscape.

A Move North to Scotland

After my enriching experience in Manchester, I set my sights further north, landing in the beautiful city of Edinburgh. Here, I continue to be based, working closely with our Glasgow office. BDO's commitment to maintaining audit quality and delivering audits of scale has allowed me to contribute to the impressive growth of the Scotland practice.

Rapid Progression and Professional Growth

BDO has been instrumental in my rapid progression from Audit Senior to Audit Senior Manager in just four years. The firm's support and willingness to provide opportunities for growth have been crucial to my professional journey. I've witnessed BDO's transition into a larger business and am thrilled to be part of the exciting developments, aiming to see the Scotland practice become "best in town."

Specializing in High-Risk Audits

My journey with BDO has been marked by specialization in high-risk, complex, and listed audits. This focus has afforded me the privilege of working with big household names and gaining insights into the operations of businesses on such a scale—an experience that not many professionals are fortunate to have.

Embracing the Culture of the Scotland Office

One of the aspects I truly enjoy about BDO is the diverse and inclusive culture in our Scotland office. Working alongside colleagues from all over the world, including a fantastic group of six South Africans, has enriched my professional experience. I am eager to play a role in the continued growth trajectory of the Scotland office and contribute to the seamless delivery of our professional services.

Looking back at my journey with BDO, I am grateful for the opportunities, challenges, and the support that has shaped my career. As I continue my role as an Audit Senior Manager, I am excited about the future and the prospect of further contributing to BDO's success. Here's to the growth of the Scotland practice and many more years of professional excellence with BDO!