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Ever wondered what it's like to navigate the intricate world of Corporate and Mergers & Acquisitions Tax Services at BDO? Meet Peter, an Assistant Manager who's at the forefront of tax considerations in M&A transactions. In this Q&A-style blog, Peter shares insights into his background, day-to-day role, and the unique culture that makes him excited to be a part of BDO.

Man standing outside the university of Warwick sign with his degree certification

Hi Peter, let's dive straight into it; what was your background before joining BDO?

Before joining BDO, I worked at two professional services firms within the expat tax team. Before that though, my journey into the tax world began after spending four years studying at the University of Warwick, gaining a BSc in Economics and an MSc in Business Consulting. It was a long but rewarding time and it set me up really well for the career I'm in now.


So why BDO then, and what makes you stay here?

The culture at BDO was a significant factor that drew me in during the interview process, and I can say it has lived up to its reputation. The people I spoke with were honest and true to what we discussed, and that plus the positive work environment and collaborative ethos are key reasons why I am keen to continue my journey with BDO.

So explain to us what your day-to-day role looks like.

My role revolves around the tax considerations in Mergers & Acquisition transactions. I work on preparing due diligence or structuring reports to assist clients in getting deals across the line and ensuring the appropriate value is paid for the entities being sold.


Sounds complex, so tell us how you'd explain it to a complete stranger. 

Basically, when a company wants to sell or buy another company, my job is to make sure it's done in a tax-efficient way. Sometimes, I also ensure that the correct tax has been paid by the company being bought, preventing future issues.

Thinking forward then, what opportunities for the future are you excited for at BDO?

I'm eager to continue developing my knowledge in my current role and the industry; there are so many things to get involved with here and so much experience I can learn from the people around me and the projects I'm working on. On a lighter note, I look forward to BDO's annual Corporate M&A day and golf day, both of which are summer highlights...we know how to have fun outside work!


You must have heard some incorrect things before you joined here though, right? 

Yeah, there's still plenty of misconceptions around the industry. One of those is that accountancy roles are quite lonely, but at BDO, I've experienced a great culture of collaboration during my time here - my colleagues are my friends, we work together on so many different aspects of Tax and I'm never in a place where I can't ask a question.

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OK, so what's the most difficult bit about working in your stream?

The M&A transactions we work on can involve some very complex tax and accountancy treatment, presenting a constant challenge. There's also a positive in there though, which is that because the regulations change so frequently and are constantly being updated, we must keep our skillset on top of the changes and present ourselves as the true experts in the field.


How do you relax outside work then?

Well I recently completed the London marathon, so my spare time has involved a lot of running. I might need to have a rest now!


It must be a struggle to maintain that alongside work though?

To be honest, BDO's "WORKABLE" framework (flexible working) allows me to extend my lunch break by 30 minutes for a longer run while it's light outside during the winter months. Aside from the cold air, it's a really great way to get fresh and get the blood pumping. This flexibility helps me stay on track with my training alongside work commitments.

Peter's journey from university to seasoned Tax Manager at BDO showcases the power of perseverance and passion in navigating the professional landscape. He found his niche in the vibrant culture and supportive community at BDO and despite common misconceptions about the accounting profession, Peter highlights the dynamic nature of his work, and the constant upskilling he's being given.

Peter's story is a testament to the possibilities that await those who dare to pursue their passions with determination and drive.