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Be Yourself

We aspire to build a culture where everyone can be themselves, ensuring people feel they belong and are included at every point of their career at BDO. Underpinning our Core Purpose, Values and Behaviours are: Leadership, Culture, Selection, and Development.

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Our networks are groups of employees who join together as a community in the workplace based on being allies, shared characteristics, similar backgrounds or life experiences. All of them welcome anyone who wants to learn more about these communities and get involved. Our networks and their activities create a safe space for people to have the conversations that matter, and create a personally enriching environment for everyone.

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Blend recognises that BDO and indeed the world are not homogenous environments, but that society is made up of a blend of countless intersecting identities. ​​​

We have a specific focus to support colleagues on matters of sexual orientation and gender identity and work with HR and the Leadership team on informing policy around LGBTQ+ inclusion. Blend was founded with the aim of creating a safe, open-minded, and encouraging work environment when it comes to matters of gender and sexual identity, so that everyone can thrive.


CEDAR Network

Our Celebrating Ethnic Diversity and Races Network was created to represent our diverse workforce and increase representation, retention, and leadership ranks for our ethnically diverse colleagues. Through networking events, educational activities and mentoring opportunities, we promote a safe space for people to succeed, collaborate and have the conversations that matter. An offshoot of the main network is also the East & South East Asia Network which is open to all to learn about the culture of the region and support those from the community.


Christian Network

The network’s intention is to support Christians at BDO, encouraging them to Be Yourself and to support the aims and objectives of the firm’s Unifying Culture strategy. BDO’s Christian network aims to encourage and support one another as a community of believers in BDO and to provide a visible opportunity for people to learn about Christian faith and practice, emphasising that Jesus is for everyone.


Enabled Network

Our Enabled Network is open to all – whether you have a disability or long-term health condition, are caring for such an individual, or want to be an ally. The Network’s vision is to build on the inclusive culture of BDO where you can Be Yourself and create an environment where anyone identifying as having a different ability can truly thrive.



BDO Inspire is our gender balance network. We adhere to the motto that what is good for women is not necessarily bad for men and encourage all genders to attend. Through positive role modelling, Inspire aims to empower women at all levels at BDO with skills-based practical workshops, guest speakers and networking events online and in person.


Jewish Network

Our Jewish Network’s aim is to raise awareness and understanding across the firm about some of the key elements of the Jewish faith, including dietary laws, weekly Sabbath observance and the Jewish festivals.


Muslim network

BDO’s Muslim Network supports Muslim employees to practice their religion in a manner balanced to the professional environment; recognising that both work and faith are essential elements of daily life. Our network provides a forum for discussion and events on a variety of topics such as raising awareness and understanding of Islam, charity and community work.


Working parents and carers network

A company-wide support network and community for working parents and carers. The group aims to provide people with the opportunities to be seen as parents without bias. Giving them practical advice solutions so they may have a better balance between parenthood and their jobs.


Our Race Action Plan

Our Race Action Plan details how we can increase ethnically diverse representation, particularly in a senior capacity, and drive sustainable, long-term change. Our Race Action Plan uses the Business in the Community’s Race at Work Charter as its framework and sets out our 5 commitments.

  1. Leadership Support - We will support our Race Action Plan from the top.
  2. Capture Data - We will measure and report on our data and progress.
  3. Zero Tolerance - We will have zero tolerance to racial harassment and bullying.
  4. Equal Responsibility - We will take equal responsibility for equal opportunities.
  5. Helping You Succeed - We will help you succeed.