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We recently ran an internal competition for our employees wanting to find out how WORKABLE (our agile working framework) has helped our trainees to succeed. Read below as Harry, Maximillian and Matthew describe how WORKABLE has improved wellbeing, enabled a great work-life balance, given access to more diverse projects and learning opportunities and ultimately increased job satisfaction.


Harry Hughes - Advisory Trainee, Birmingham

"WORKABLE has enabled me to better balance the needs of my personal and professional lives. For example, whilst studying for my most recent ACA professional examinations, I took the opportunity to work from home where possible, as this freed up 2-3 hours of commuting time each day which I could instead spend revising. This not only helped me to pass all my exams, but it also allowed me to have the time to keep physically active which is important for my mental wellbeing. However, when it was necessary to come into the office for collaborative pieces of work I still did so. Regular communication with my Manager and team was imperative for the success of this arrangement.

Since this period, I have been coming into the office 1-2 days a week for collaborative activities such as story boarding our reports and hot reviews. As a team we have tried to attend the office on the same days where possible; this allows us to socialise and connect in the office as well as going out for lunch / drinks after work. On days where I will be undertaking more solitary work which requires a lot of focus, such as data-packing, I prefer to work from home as it reduces the number of distractions and increases the efficiency and quality of my work for the team. Overall, I am grateful that BDO offers WORKABLE as a method of working and I could not recommend it highly enough to others." 


Maximilian Macdonald - Audit Trainee, London

"WORKABLE has allowed me to build relationships with happier people at BDO. People are more excited to go into work as it is no longer forced upon our staff, and we value the time spent with colleagues so much more. Having spent time working for companies where working from home was not an option, it strikes me how cheery everyone in the office seems even during busy season! The flexibility means that when people do come in, they want to be there, and they are motivated to spend quality time with our colleagues; it also means we can truly concentrate on delivering for the business knowing that we can flex our working life to best provide results for them.

Time spent on site is so much more valuable and productive knowing the reasons why we are there rather than being there for the sake of it. From a personal point of view, it has allowed me to do things I never thought would be possible when I joined BDO. I have worked at my grannie’s house and kept her company when she was lonely; I have spent an extra two days with my family at my home on the Isle of Skye. However, most importantly, being able to choose how and when to work from an office has given me a freedom and balance which means I am so much more engaged in the time I spend with friends and family outside of work. For that I will be eternally grateful."


Matthew Kalil - Audit Trainee, London

"A well-planned strategy is about making choices. Since every individual is unique, that means the choices they prefer differ to that of others. Some enjoy working early mornings; some enjoy working late nights. Some enjoy working in the office with colleagues; some enjoy working from home closer to their family. Some live ten minutes from their office; some live two hours from their office. WORKABLE has given employees a powerful tool in the world of employment and this is the ability to make a choice – their own choice. With this ability, it allows employees to schedule their day in a way suitable to them which aids their mental wellbeing and work/life balance.

Additionally, it allows for efficient planning for employees to shape their week in a way which allows them to achieve their weekly goals and objectives. This sense of choice and freedom given to the employee stems from trust in the employee to use this powerful tool in its most advantageous way. This tool is an opportunity, and an opportunity forewent is an opportunity wasted. WORKABLE is an opportunity which allows each employee to bring choice and creativity to their life and mind. This in turn benefits the businesses we work with as the working environment is a positive, creative, and optimistic one which results in higher quality work done for the them. It allows for employees to have more responsibility, which leads to inspiration to achieve greater things in their everyday lives while taking a step closer to wellbeing and self-gratification."